Global Achievers Conference (GAC) 2018

August 31st to September 2nd, 2018 Hyderabad, India

CADD Centre proudly presents
The Global Achievers Conference (GAC) 2018

CADD Centre is not a single entity but an entity of your entities. The key strength of a franchise network like ours, lies in our ingenuity in making use of the experiences and ideas of each other in the group. Winning together is just working together.
Global Achievers Conference - is one mega opportunity that we have created for us to strengthen our ties.
CADD Centre takes immense pleasure in welcoming you all to the GAC 2018, to be held at Hyderabad, during August 31, 1st & 2nd September 2018.
Say Yes to the team spirit, camaraderie, and celebrations.

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Transform to Transcend

The theme of the Meet is doubly significant. One, it marks a milestone in our 30 year long saga of success and two, it also sets the direction for an equally meritorious growth for the next 30 years.

Transformation is not about treading the same path with more speed. But it is about taking the journey to the next level, altogether. Rightly put transformation is about transcendence.

You are already aware of the changing demands and expectations of our customers, and the upending effect of technology on education. As a leader in the training space, it only benifits us that we look at what we do in a new light, and change in advance.

Historically our job was just to train students - there was always someone who took care of the placements. However, to make the most of the changes we discussed, we are assuming a greater role. The role of creating jobs itself. From world class training to global placements. That is the way forward - to delight our customers.

We believe that this repositioning should give us 10X growth. Let us recommit to our values and redefine what we offer. Let us transform to transcend - to a higher plane.

What’s GAC made of

To communicate the new vision effectively and to drive us to greater outcomes, we are packing the Meet with:

  • Guest and keynote speeches from achievers from different industries - including entrepreneurs on out of the box thinking.
  • Corporate Presentations from top management of the group and its divisions, who will share with you the progress made so far and the plans for the road ahead.
  • Celebrations - A successful organisation is nothing but a culture with a brand name. We are no different. How we nurture the culture is through celebrations. The GAC 2018 will be honouring the achievements of performers - from the first time franchise partners to long standing associates.

More than business

At CADD Centre, we believe that we are building something beyond business. Wellness and camaraderie are surely among them. We will have yoga sessions, networking events for us to bond with each other, and awards function to recognize achievers amongst us. And there is always room for fun activities, photo sessions, and entertainments.

Don't miss this once in a year opportunity. Experience what it means to be a part of a global network of successful franchisees.

Top 10 Reasons to Attend

  • Learn new marketing, team building, leadership, and management methods.
  • Network with hundreds of franchisees representing all parts of India, and about 26 countries in formal and informal settings.
  • Meet, interact, and strengthen business relationship with the top management and support team of the CADD Centre.
  • Have one to one with staff members to get to know more about best practices and resolve pending issues, if any.
  • Learn from other successful franchisees who are more than willing to share how they made it.
  • Now the immediate future plans, new product announcements, etc of CADD Centre and other CADD Centre brands.
  • Contribute your ideas, experiences, and insights to make CADD Centre and its services better.
  • Get inspired. Awards function to recognize the performance of individuals and teams.
  • Have fun. There are a lot of programs waiting to entertain you.
  • Enjoy the pearl city: Hyderabad!
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